Macro Not working in Tag Editor

I am new to KM and was trying a macro in Tag Editor to speed up an action that I perform often in cleaning up tags.
The macro seems to run but no action is seen in Tag Editor
Here is the macro

Many thanks for any help!

I don't know anything about Tag Editor, but if you try a simple macro for TextEdit, does it work there? Maybe something like Cmd-A, Cmd-X, Cmd-V?


Thanks Rob,
It doesn’t work in text editor, either.
I’ve given it full access permissions but still nothing.

Well then, if your macros aren't working in ANY program, then maybe I can help, because I don't even know what "Tag Editor" is.

Firstly, I can't tell from your post if you know the difference between the KM Editor and the KM Engine. Since none of your macros are working, maybe your KM Engine isn't running. Pardon me for even mentioning this, but I must ask because this is a perfectly viable explanation for your issue.

Secondly, I can't tell from your post if you checked the Engine.log file to see if the macro is getting triggered and recorded in the log file. In order to open the log file, start the KM Editor then click on Help / Open Logs folder. Then open the Engine.log file and look to see if there is a record of the macro being triggered at the exact time that you last actually tried to trigger it.

Thirdly, I'm going to guess that maybe you have some settings in the Group where the macro is located that prevent the macro from being triggered. What are the settings on the Group folder that contains this macro?

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You don't need to interact with the Tag editor, as KM has an action that can set or clear tags directly.

action:Set File Attribute [Keyboard Maestro Wiki].

Edit: misunderstanding on my part.

I believe he means this Tag Editor, which has nothing to do with Finder tags.


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Oh my bad. :man_facepalming:t2:

Thank you Airy,
I checked the log and this entry seems to be explaining my problem
Could not enable monitoring Command-Tab
Now, I searched the forum for this but got nothing.
Is there anything I can do about this problem?
many thanks,


When you look in the Keyboard Maestro menu bar, do you see a message about Secure Input? Trapping Command-Tab requires special privileges, and Secure Input blocks those. (It also blocks many other things.)


No, there is no indication about Secure Input. I am baffled. I see the little icon on the menu bar spinning when I trigger but nothing happens. I also tested a few very simple macros, like press the 1 key and nothing
EDIT: I am on MacOS Ventura (13.3), if that matters on a late 2015 iMac

Can you post your full test macro, just so we can see it? Assuming it all looks fine, then this seems like an Accessibility permissions issue. Are both Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine listed and enabled in System Settings > Privacy & Security > Accessibility?

If they are, I'd recommend quitting KM and the KM engine, removing those two entries, rebooting, then adding them back. Sometimes the Accessibility permissions system seems to lose its mind.


Hi Rob,

Your last suggestion did the trick. It was a problem with permissions. I did as you suggested and now the macro are working.

Thank you so much for your help!

I would not have thought about doing this.

Best wishes,


Glad to hear it! (Make sure to mark my reply as the solution, so the forum software knows the issue has been resolved—just click the "√ in a box" icon.)


Done, and thank you very much again!