Macro only for a specific URL in Safari

I am accessing a Microsoft application via Safari (I don't know the details but it's like running Window in Safari).

I'm doing a lot of cutting and pasting and it's really hard to go back and forth between Control and Control. Can I make a macro to map Cmd-V to Control-V just for that page.

I could make the two (copy and paste) macros and turn them on and off, but may be too much trouble as might go to another page and try to copy something.

I suspect the URL changes each time I log in, but I can probably live with changing the URL in the macro, or maybe I can use starting with as the beginning probably doesn't change: and then a few hundred letters and numbers.

TMI: This is for a on-line university course for SQL. I would like to be able to download the database that we are using but it's blocked and the MS app is more powerful than pgAdmin anyway.

The best solution I've found for website-specific macros is to make a new macro group that is only available in your preferred browser and when the focused window title contains text that is always present when viewing that website:

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This sort of works. By that I mean that it only works when I also define the same macro as a global and it give me the choice of the Safari one or the global one. The first one is the global one (Cut ms test). They both work when I click on them. But if I deactivate either one of the two (and leave the other one activated), when I Cmd-x, an x replaces the selection.


Doesn't help if I change the Group definition to … title contains and change the title to 157

What am I missing? BTW another great feature of KM and also a good demo of the support on the Forum. Thank you to both.