Macro: Paste system information

Macro: Paste system information

Oh rats, I see as I'm uploading this that JMichaelTX has already uploaded a similar macro called "Paste System Info". His method is actually reliable, mine is unreliable because it depends on timing and possibly on screen layout. I'm not sure if my macro is therefore invalidated. If he wants to delete it, I won't be upset. My method uses a totally different approach and the approach itself might be what makes this macro worth reading.

I can't see where the macro I uploaded went. I clicked on "BOTH" on the window for uploading macros, but I see nothing here. Obviously I haven't mastered this yet. I'll see if I can post it using J's recent advice to me.

Okay here it is, I hope:

Sys Info Pasting

System Information.kmmacros (50 KB)