Macro Priority / Cut In Line

This is a feature request if the functionality doesn't already exist:

Is there a way to set Macro priority order so that any macro that is executed with highest priority can "cut to the front of the line"?

Example: I have a macro that is triggered by an app when it launches. Within the Macro there is a pause that waits for a specific window or menu item to be present before continuing forward. If I were to execute any other macros while this one is paused, they will queue up after it and will not execute until the paused macro is finished. These macros are usually simple and quick--move the mouse cursor from one screen to another, type out some text, or run a simple AppleScript. Rather than waiting for the paused macro to complete, it would be ideal to set a priority for these other macros to jump to front and execute immediately. Is this currently possible?

If you run macro A, and then an independent macro B, macro B should still run, even if macro A has not yet completed. By "independent macro", I mean a macro that one would not expect to be dependent upon the state of the first macro.

Could you perhaps give a simple example?

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