MACRO: Prompt Validation Example

MACRO: Prompt Validation Example

Prompt Validation Example.kmmacros (4.0 KB)

When validating the input from a Prompt action, my preferred method is to use an Until action and loop until the input is valid. Like this, complete with error message:

Give it shot and let me know what you think.


Hey Dan,

Good idea.

You should do another one that uses one or more regular expressions for validating specific kinds of data input.


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@DanThomas, @ccstone

More generic would be a call (Execute Macro) to a validation macro returning, for example, the right %ActionResult% token… and even more a standardisation (if needed; for example date) of input data.

– Alain

All I was trying to show was the “Until” loop. How the actual validation is done, I don’t care.

I threw this together in response to some code I saw someone post. Let’s just say that their method of re-showing the prompt if it failed validation was slightly convoluted. :slight_smile: