Macro Recording Not Working?

I've tried to record macros a few times now and it seems it's no longer working right in Mojave 10.14.3 and .4 beta. When I start it and then do some things and stop it, nothing gets recorded. Any idea of what's going on?

You will have to ensure you enable Accessibility for both Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine. If you have any troubles with accessibility (eg typing keystrokes, selecting menus, copy/paste, etc), you need to toggle the accessibility permissions (System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Privacy, Accessibility) for Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine off and then on again.

Also, you will need to ensure you are not in a password field.

Failing both of those, you will need to give more information about what is not being recorded. I just did a quick test in 10.14.3 and typing was recorded normally - recording happens into the macro immediately, not when you stop, so you can immediately tell if it is working or not.

After the most recent 10.14.4 beta update it seems to be working again.....

I'm having this same problem. I press the CTRL-F1 key for a quick record and I get an error sound, but nothing happens. I unclicked and clicked the accessibility option in system preferences, but that didn't fix.

Check the Engine.log file for any indications of issues. Select Open Logs Folder from the Help menu.

If the macro is triggered when you press Control-F1, then that will show in the Engine.log file.

And if any error happens, that would also show there.

If no macro is shown as triggering, then maybe your Quick Recording macro is disabled or deleted?