Macro Request - Autocomplete forms to create multiple mail accounts

Hi… First of all, let me apologize for my English, I’m from Venezuela.

Here’s what I’m trying to do, I’m the IT Manager and I need to create multiple mail accounts for the users of my work in a web page from a mail provider. What I’m looking for is the with the KM, create some workflow or a macro that let me copy the e-mail, first and last name and password of the users (one t the time) from a Word or Excel file and then fill the forms in the web page of the provider.

I have the user info in the file but I don’t know how to batch copy - paste the info. I’d like:

  1. Open the file
  2. Open the page where I have to fill the info
  3. Highlight the rows Email Address, First Name, Last Name and Password
  4. Press some keyboard maestro trigger that take the highlighted text and automatically paste into the corresponding forms.
  5. Save the proccess
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the next user account creation.

Please help me with this task, I have to create almost 100 accounts in the mail provider webpage.

Again, sorry for my English

Hey Rogelio,

Don’t apologize — you were perfectly clear.

Ideally we need to see the web form you’re dealing with.

It would be most useful if you could provide the actual URL of the web page in question.

Alternatively you could upload a web-archive saved from Safari of that page.

(It’s so much easier to manage these things if you can inspect the actual code of the page and directly test against it.)

The Excel portion of your macro is very simple:

This AppleScript will product a one-tier list for a single selected row of cells and a list of lists for multiple cells selected on multiple rows.

That data structure is easy to manage.

# Auth: Christopher Stone
# dCre: 2014/08/02 19:12
# dMod: 2017/11/16 08:21
# Appl: Microsoft Excel
# Task: Value of Selection with multiple cells.
# Libs: None
# Osax: None
# Tags: @Applescript, @Script, @Microsoft_Excel, @Value, @Selection, @Multiple, @Cells

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
   set selection_ to value of selection
end tell


The Set Safari Field to Text action has a limited ability to detect the fields available on the front web page.

If that works then you can go to town.

If not then we need that URL to be able to help.


Thanks for your answer… I did it with a simple and “no-programmer” method :sweat_smile:

Using two simple methods: Named Clipboards and Keystrokes! Using a Excel/Numbers document , all I did was create a string of actions with a simple “Copy to a Clipboard” named “FName”, a Keystroke “Tab”, another “Copy to a Clipboard” named “LName”, a Tab keystroke a repeat the process until all the fields were copied to the respective Named Clipboard. This is triggered with a Command + Option + C keystroke.

Then, in the webpage, place the cursor in the first textbox “Name” and with a Command + Option + V, paste the FName Named Clipboard, leave a space and paste LName, hit a Tab and repeat the Paste - Tab until fill all the account info.

Of course I have to manually place de cursor on the Name field.

Thanks for the help anyway