Macro runs in Mail only

I am brand new to Keyboard Maestro and running only in test mode trying to decide if I want to buy it. This is my first posting here.

I want to write a macro which runs only when Mail is focussed (in the front window). The macro will repeat a control-shift--= five times. I set up F16 as the trigger key. I have the Mail application As Active. But the Mail as Active has an automatic repeat attached. I don't want that repeated. If I set it to 0 or leave blank, it just runs in every application constantly. How to I set Mail application only without the repeat? Is there a command to see if Mail is the focussed application?

You need to create a new macro group, which allows you to specify a set of applications that restrict the availability of all macros contained in that group so that they will only trigger within one of the applications listed:

You can even restrict it to specific windows.

What does ⟨control⟩+⟨shift⟩+⟨=⟩ do ? I tried it in on my system, and it didn't do anything.

Thanks for your reply. I did a little more Help reading and some trial and error and made an Application Group. Then after declaring F15 as my hot key, I used the activate Mail command followed by a Repeat 5 times command-shift-= not control. Oops on my typo! Command-shift-= (actually command-+) enlarges the text one step. I have a wonderful 27" iMac but cannot have the computer right next to me. This macro increases the text size of an email so I can read it from a distance. It works great now. I think I will purchase KM today. Thanks a lot for you quick response and help.

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