Macro stopped working

I have a simple macro: Copy the current title and url of a safari window and activate Obsidian so I can paste it as a markdown entry. It works fine on my Intel Mac laptop running macOS Sonoma and until yesterday it was working fine on an M1 Mac mini. I had to nuke and re-install the OS on the M1 mini, and now this macro has stopped working.

It is supposed to put this on the system clipboard:

[safari site title](safari site url) but on M1 mini, it just puts [](safari site url), leaving the title blank.

Please help.


Check your system settings, specifically Keyboard Maestro needs to be able to have Automation control over Safari (which it probably does), but it looks like possibly the Allow JavaScript from Apple Events is not enabled.

You can use the Keyboard Maestro preferences Security panel to check on the status of Safari and it's settings (hopefully it works, it is rather convoluted).

See: Allow JavaScript From Apple Events assistance.

Thank you. That resolved the issue. It was indeed the JavaScript permission issue.