Macro Sync Issue When Working With 2 Accounts on the Same MacBook

I have two accounts, Work and Personal, and switch back-and-forth between them. I want Keyboard Maestro to have the same settings for both accounts and have enabled Preferences -> General -> Sync Macros. Unfortunately, more often than not the recent changes do not get synced. Once I go to the other account, changes are gone. When I get back to the initial account, it turns out they've been wiped already.

My macro sync file is placed in the iCloud and I made sure to wait for it to sync before switching accounts.

How do I troubleshoot it? One thing that comes to mind is that it may pose potential issues if I'm logged in to both accounts simultaneously, with Keyboard Maestro Engine running in the background in both.

I do the exact same thing (two Accounts on one Mac both syncing to same sync file) with no problems. But I use Dropbox rather than iCloud.

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Interesting. Are you ever logged into both accounts simultaneously, adding new macros on one account, then switching and seeing the changes populating on the other account?

Yes. It seems to work the same as if the accounts were each on different computers. I use Dropbox for backup on one of the accounts and that is updating itself and uploading files even if that isn't the front account. But obviously I can only be using and updating Keyboard Maestro in whatever is the frontmost account. When I switch back to the other account, Dropbox has already done the sync.

Dropbox has a system for updating the smallest files first so, Keyboard Maestro can jump ahead of the queue. Maybe iCloud works in a different way? That's the reason I mentioned Dropbox in my reply.

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There’s your mistake... :wink:

All jokes aside I highly recommend using Dropbox for syncing this file. I used to use iCloud Drive and had nothing but problems. I switched to Dropbox and have never had a major problem since. I think I even wrote about the issue in another post here somewhere. I will see if I can find it and link it here.

Here’s a post on sync issues using iCloud: KM Syncing Best Practices?

Here’s my comment on said post: