Macro to Activate Hide My Email

I'm trying to create a macro to activate Hide My Email from any browser but having difficulty because some of the actions can't be activated from menus and I suspect that the macro will be fragile if I use cursor placement actions.

Any advice on how to create a macro that would do the following would be appreciated and help me learn how to use KM:

From any browser in Ventura:

  • Open System Settings from the Apple menu
  • Select Apple ID (if not already selected)
  • Select iCloud
  • Select Hide My Email

That's it.

Am I correct in assuming that "Move and Click" actions will be fragile if the windows are repositioned for any reason?


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If you select the option to move and click relative to the window's top left corner then it will be pretty robust. Note, that there are many more options than "top left corner" to choose from.

Nice idea. I like your thinking. I agree with @tiffle that if you have the click option set t window's top left corner it will be robust. When you get it working, please do share.

I use this little macro. Might help you get started. Image is hard to see, so I added my screenshot at the bottom, which was taken from the Apple ID pref. screen.

Hide My Email Access.kmmacros (25 KB)

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 4.39.23 PM

Thanks to all for your help. This is what I finally came up with that seems to work. Note that Ventura OS changed the name of "System Preferences" to "System Settings".

I'm sure it's not the most efficient but it does seem to work. It was a good opportunity to learn about clicking on a relative position in a window. Thanks again.

Hide My Email.kmmacros (22.2 KB)

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Glad you got it working.