Macro to bounce each select track region to an audio file?

I've searched but can't find this so hoping someone here may have come up with a Macro for it. In Logic in order to bounce the region(s) on a selected track I must select the region on the track, hit control + B and then OK.

Very simple until I have 20+ tracks, then the monotony of the task becomes extremely tedious and time consuming. So I think I'm looking for a macro that will perform that operation on each track that I have selected.

I don't know why this feature has been lacking for so many years but if KM can do it that would be a huge time saver.


As normal for any question about automating an app, there are three potential ways forward:

  1. Using the KM Press Button / Scan action (which occasionally works with apps)
  2. Using AppleScript to do some (or part) of the work (which often works, and it's reliable)
  3. Using Find Image and Mouse Click actions in KM to do some or all of the work (which usually works)

You said "select the region on the track." What do you mean by that phrase? Do you mean select the whole track? Or do you mean select some specific region, and do you want KM to do that for you, or are you planning to select the region manually and then press a hotkey to press Control-B and then OK? One of these options might be easy to do.

Not only that, but there may be an easy way to have KM detect if you have selected something in that app. In that case, you might not even have to press a trigger, since KM would know when to press CTRL-B and press OK autonomously. Since I don't have Logic, I might need you to do some tests for me if you like the idea of KM detecting when you've selected something.

I suppose I could have been more explicit. What I meant and the way I typically work is to select specific tracks which will (by default) select all associated regions on the tracks. I then hit Ctrl + B which is the command to bounce the tracks to audio.

The current behavior is that only the first selected of all tracks is bounced and the others are ignored. Which means I have to perform that same task for each individual track.

That's the problem I'm trying to solve.

I thought to record the action but I've found that except for very simple tasks where positions of things are somewhat static, recording doesn't really provide the functionality as a starting place.

I'd love to help, but since I don't have Logic, I still can't tell what you are seeing. I still need to know more about your mouse and keyboard sequence if you want me to help automate it. For example, I can't tell what kind of visual processing your eye and your brain are doing in order to perform the click. If you want KM to automate the mouse clicks, then I would need to, at a minimum, see a screenshot. But if you are planning to do the mouse clicks manually, and you want KM to automate only a few keys, this will be very easy. Based on what you said above, ("I must hit control-B and then press ok") a very simple macro could probably solve this, and it would look something like the image below. The second action in this macro may have to be modified, but you will have to do that yourself by using the Logic app and opening the dialog box that contains the OK button, then using the Scan feature in the Press a Button action to ensure that the name is correct.

You can use the Bounce → Tracks in Place function:

Thanks noisneil. That is the command but for some reason it was bouncing all the selected tracks to a single audio file having the name of the first track selected regardless of how many tracks were selected everytime I tried to use it which led me to search a solution using KM.

But since having re-opened the project from yesterday it appears to now be working as expected. Baffled as to why it wasn't working and thought that having selected both audio and VST tracks in the process that this was probably a limitation. Apparently not though.

Thanks for the suggestion which prompted me to give it another go today.

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Thanks Airy for pitching your suggestion and I was about ready to start taking screenshots to proceed the path of hoping you'd be able to help me find a solution; but turns out there was some weird quirk with the app leading me to leverage KM. It appears to be working as intended now so I won't require the macro.

Appreciate your initiative and willingness to assist though! :slightly_smiling_face:

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