Macro to bring Main Mail Window to Forefront


Can anyone suggest how to make a macro that will bring up the main window of, or if there isn't an open one, it would open a new one? I've tried this:

But it doesn't work reliably, or if there's a compose window open.

Thank you!


Have you tried this:

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Hi @JMichaelTX,

Thank you. This works, but it runs into the same issue if there's another Mail window (compose, or single thread, etc.) open - it brings that window to the front. I need to always activate the main window with this macro. Any ideas?

You can probably do this using AppleScript. However Apple Mail can be very tricky to script. @ccstone is the master AppleScripter who knows Mail very well. He'll likely be along soon to help out.

Hey Eugene,

Do you mean the Message Viewer window?

If so then look in the Window menu.

Window > Message Viewer  ⌘0

See if that doesn't solve your problem.

If not then report back with more details on what you need to accomplish, and we'll take another crack at it.


@ccstone that's exactly what I needed, and here's what I ended up with. Thanks again!


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