Macro to change Sender / From: in Apple Mail

Because I have several email addresses, I would like to create keyboard shortcuts to change the "sender" (which Apple Mail labels as "From")

Is there a way in KM to choose the "From" drop down and to choose from the options shown when the drop down list appears?

Hello @sccardais , do you mean opening as the video from minute 1:04? I have the mail window centered and then with a recorded mouse click the selection activated.

David Sparks, aka MacSparky, has a method for changing the send-from account using the built-in options in System Preferences > Keyboard. It’s worked great for me for years.

Yes. I’ve tried both methods he describes but neither are working for me. I’m using MAC OS 10.12 Sierra. What version of the OS are you using?

I’m using 10.11. When setting it up in System Preferences, the Menu Title field where you enter the information should look something like this:

FirstName LastName –

Rephrased, the text shown in the send-from pop-up menu must be exactly reproduced, including the en dash (press Option+hyphen) and any spaces shown.

macOS Sierra broke a lot of stuff, especially AppleScript related stuff.
Apple Mail has long been a scripting challenge, and Sierra has made it even more so.

Do a forum search on "sierra mail" and you should see a number of posts".

Sorry I can't offer any specific help since I don't use either Sierra or Apple Mail.
Chris Stone (@ccstone), however, does. And the is the AppleScript master. So hopefully he will come along soon to offer some suggestions for you.

If the ability to change the send-from option is only needed for new Mail messages (rather than having the option when replying to emails), macros could be made using the KM action Send Mail Message. That action allows the user to set the send-from address, so a macro could be made for each address.

Hey @sccardais,

That's odd. The keyboard system prefs method has been working well for years, although it broke for a while in Mavericks (IIRC).

I'm using macOS 10.12.3 and will shortly update to 10.12.4.

I have 7 email addresses with keyboard shortcuts assigned.

You have to look in the pop-up menu and assign the name of the keyboard shortcut to perfectly replicate what you see.

These days apple is not using brackets – you should see something like this:

Christopher Stone –

If you get a space wrong or use a dash instead of a hyphen it won't work.

Sometimes you have to restart an app to get a new keyboard shortcut to work.

If you really can't get this method working please report back, and we'll see what we can do.


I see exactly what you describe in my “From” drop down in Mail. From System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, (mail - specific) I’m using a normal space after my last name, then option+hyphen, then normal space, then my email address.

I haven’t tried restarting Apple Mail but will try that.

Thanks for your help.

Do you see the new keyboard shortcut(s) in the pop-up menu in Mail?

Generally you should be able to immediately after creating them, but there are some inconsistencies in how they propagate.

For instance:

You have an outgoing message open in Mail.

You create a new keyboard shortcut for an email address.

It shows up in the email address pop-up menu, but it doesn't work.

If you close that email message and reopen it (or open a new one) it will probably work.

Goofy stuff like that.

** Note – there are some keyboard shortcuts the system prefs don't like. Occasionally you can enter them, but they just don't work – sometimes the prefs just won't let you enter something.