Macro to change the preferences in logic with one key

Hi there,

I'd like to have 2 different preferences to switch between, so that I can have 2 different sets of I/O label according to the project I'm working on (e.g. orchestral or pop song).

I already saved the different files in the preferences folder but how can I tell Keyboard Maestro to switch from one to another
thanks in advance

You posted your message in the wrong forum. You should have posted it in the Questions forum. Perhaps one of the sys admins on this site can move it over there.

In most situations such as yours, you would use keyboard maestro to replicate your own keystrokes when you change the profile yourself. For example, if there is a way to get Logic to change its set of preferences, then you could record your steps and then get Keyboard Maestro to replicate those keystrokes and mouse clicks. I don't have Logic so I can't tell you what those keystrokes would be.

There is a small chance that Logic supports AppleScript and that it has a method or variable that can change your preferences slightly faster and cleaner than the way I'm suggesting above.

Many thanks! I'll repost it there. I'm new to the forum thanks for your input! much appreciated!

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I do not know of a way to do that other than using version 4 of the software PlugSearch, which offers a "brand new I/O Labels Manager. Import or recall I/O Label presets for each project template or hardware configuration with a single click".

I have not tried V. 4 (I use V. 3).

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Do you mean that you have created two preference files for Logic Pro ( – which are identical other than for the I/O label settings? If so, a KM macro could move the files in and out of the Preferences folder as required and then launch Logic Pro... but you would have to quit Logic Pro to change the preferences... and you would have to maintain changes to your settings over two preference files. That would be fiddly.