Macro to copy Web page title and URL stopped working

This simple macro to copy the web page title and url stopped working. It copies the url but doesn't copy the page title. I currently use Brave and Safari browsers and occasionally Chrome.

In case the screenshot link above doesn't work these are the steps.

Step 1: Set variable 'pageinfo'
%Tab%%Front BroswerURL%

Step 2: Set System Clipboard to Text "%Variable%pageinfo%"
Set: System Clipboard
To: plain text
Token: %Variable%pageinfo%

Thanks for any help.


Could Front → "Frong" be the problem ?

(Broswer also looks unfamiliar, but both may be typos)

In which light, probably better if you attach a copy of the macro itself.

Can you check the log file, to see if there are any error messages? And as @ComplexPoint noted, we may be able to provide more help if you upload the actual macro.


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Fortunately, the macro didn't have that typo!

Here's a link showing the entire macro showing triggers and comment. There are only two action steps.

WRT the log file. Which log file? From the Console or ??

Thanks for your help.


In the Keyboard Maestro menu system

  • log file:   Help > Open Logs Folder
  • sharing the selected macro (rather than an image of it):   File > Share > Keyboard Maestro Forum

Thank you. KM's log file clearly explained the problem and the solution.

2024-06-24 07:11:38 DoJavaScript failed Brave Browser got an error: Executing JavaScript through AppleScript is turned off. To turn it on, from the menu bar, go to View > Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events. For more information:

Following this instruction solved the problem.

Thanks very much for your help.


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