Macro to create consistent behavior for all Save dialog boxes

Ever since Apple introduced Versions, I've been frustrated by three things:

  • "Don't Save" is now "Revert Changes"
  • "Revert Changes" lacks a keyboard shortcut
  • Now the Save dialog has 2 behaviors that depend on how the app was written, and the "versions" apps require me to mouse all over the place. Frustrating.

I just hit on a solution: a simple Keyboard Maestro macro. Here are the steps for my "Revert Changes keyboard shortcut" macro:

Triggered when Command-D is pressed.
will execute the following actions:

  • Type the Command-D keystroke
  • Press the button 'Revert Changes'
  • Press the button 'Don't Save'

That's it. The way it works:

  • In ANY Save (or close) dialog, if you don't want to save changes, simply type the old Command-D shortcut. Then:
  • Keyboard Maestro types the Command-D keystroke, which of course will close a traditional Save/Close dialog without saving changes. HOWEVER, if the application supports Versions:
  • Keyboard Maestro will press the 'Revert' button.
  • Finally, I found that I needed a final step: Press Button 'Don't Save'

Now my frustration is gone.

Revert Changes keyboard shortcut.kmmacros (1.9 KB)


Very useful, thanks for sharing.