Macro to Export Google Maps 'Business' Details to a vCard?

Is it possible to export Gmaps details such as: address, phone, etc. to a vcard with a KM macro?

I've looked for apps or scripts online but haven't found any interesting so far.

I've managed to use sneaky tricks to import addresses from Apple's Find My app into my KM macro. If i can do that (without AppleScript) then I can probably do the same for Google Maps.

But I'm looking at Google Maps now, and I can't tell which addresses and phones you are trying to import. If you show me a screenshot of the data you want to import, I might be able to solve the problem.

Hi Sleepy! Thanks for looking into this. I'd be glad to import anything that fits in a vcard. You know, more data is always better data. Here's a vague example from BusyContacts

Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 17.17.07