Macro to facilitate Evernote Zoom?

A problem with Evernote - if I understand correctly- is that it is impossible to configure a default Zoom. Each note has to be zoomed individually. For that reason, my notes are in font 18, and when I copy them to another app or print them, I have to first change the font to 13, which gets tedious.
Has anyone managed to use KBM to find a way around this problem ?
thank you very much

The zoom level doesn’t seem to be persistent across application launches, that means there’s no UserDefaults value you could set.

So, you could try something like this in KM:

  1. Watch for a change of the window.
  2. Click the Zoom In menu item.


  • When switching notes, the windows title doesn’t change
  • When opening a note in its own window, the window title does change, but in these windows the zoom is disabled.

This macro…

…works, but unfortunately only when…

  • you switch from another app to evernote,
  • you open a note in its own window and then close it.

You could use KM to copy the selection in Evernote, and then apply a style to the clipboard, where then it would be ready to paste into whatever app.

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great idea. thank you.

Thanks again.
I am interested in the flexibility of KBM clipboard management, but put off by the number of different macros. Could you suggest a reference where it is discussed?

I’d start with this wiki article.

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thanks. exactly what I was looking for