Macro to Get Info on SD Cards?


New to KM.

What I’d like to do is to create a Macro that will allow me to display the “get info” window
on a SD card or any card / drive from DSLR cameras connected to the computer.
I’m usually mounting multiple cards of various types at a time (SD, CF, XQD).


I insert a Card, it typically pops up as “UNTITLED” on the desktop.
I’ll rename the card, a alphabetical letter and incrementing string of numbers.

Here's the workflow with a standard mouse:

Right click the card
Type the name
Then double click the Card
Select the folder or biggest size folder on it if they have multiple folders.
Then Command+I “get info”.

How can I create a macro for this? Even just the 2nd half from "Then double click the Card"
would save me a bunch of time.

Thank you

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Everything listed can be done with KBM.

Check out the Keyboard Maestro Wiki Home Page [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]
and the User Manual (access from KM app Help menu.

Start with one step at a time. Example, search for 'mouse click' and learn that action.

This is going to be your first problem -- computers are dumb, and don't handle "typically" very well.

Can you get by with "I insert a card then manually trigger a macro that..."?