Macro to Hide an Application

Is there a macro to hide an app when it opens on startup?


Something like this would probably work:

It would happen every time the app launches, though, not just at startup. And I'm not sure this is what you want, because it doesn't hide the icon in the Dock.

When I boot up there are apps that are in the startup. KM is one of them, as is dashlane, scansnap, deaultfolder. They are on and in the background, but I'ld like them to be hidden as in the file ->hide. Just to keep the desktop uncluttered.

Well then I think what I showed would work.

A macro to do this works well, but Macs have the built-in capability to hide applications that launch at startup/login at System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items.



That's way better than a macro - cool! Learn something every day. Thanks. :smile:

For some reason when I check the hide box I still see the app.

As written, this indicates there is a problem with a specific application. Knowing what application that is may help toward a solution, though the macro above may be satisfactory enough.

Keyboard Maestro (editor) should not generally be launched on login. It should not be listed in the Startup Items list. Only Keyboard Maestro Engine should be listed in the Startup Items list. Keyboard Maestro Engine should not be marked as hidden in the Startup Items list either (and it will actively correct that if you do try to turn on the checkbox for Keyboard Maestro Engine).

See: Quick Start.

Hey so I use an older Mac Pro (5,1) as one of my machines so sometimes start Up can be slow so I wanted to keep as little as possible in my Login Items list so I ended up building a start up Macro for apps which also helps solve the issue of apps I'd prefer to be open and hidden and not worry about that checkbox. This also allows me to move apps across my 3 displays.

So I have the macro Launch at Startup with a 30-second delay to make sure all the standard startup items are ready to go before it starts. I've also got all separate Macro with all the same steps but without the 30-second delay that I trigger with a hotkey.