Macro to insert -copy paste- title in an Evernote Note

I often copy paste text into Evernote, ie adding a note to a notebook.
Every time, I have to highlight a section of text and insert it into the title field.
Is it conceivable to create a macro which would take the highlighted text, copy and paste it into the the Title field of the note?
thanks very much for your help

Yes, this is very easy to do with AppleScript.

But have you tried this workflow:

  1. Select text to copy to Evernote
  2. Copy to clipboard (⌘C)
  3. Create new EN Note from Clipboard (global shortcut set in EN Mac Preferences)

I find most of the time this will create a Note Title based on the document copied from.
Of course, the above steps can be automated using Keyboard Maestro.

Please let me know if this does not work for you, and I'll post the AppleScript.