Macro To Insert Text by Typing Into Fields That Don't Allow a Paste, Such as a Bank Acct Routing Number or Account Number

Cannot figure out a Keyboard Maestro macro that inserts text by typing into fields that don't allow a paste, such as a bank acct routing number or account number.

Seems like it should be very simple:

  1. Get the text that's currently on the clipboard
  2. Insert that text by typing into the routing-number field

So if I name the macro "kmpaste", any time I type that trigger it will type the contents of the clipboard text into the field.

Appreciate any help/ideas. Thanks, Tim

This is probably something to do with the secure input problem. Have a look in the KM wiki here: assistance:Secure Input Problem [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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Have you tried a Hot Key trigger?

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Hey Tim,

Once computer security systems get involved simple goes out the window...

@tiffle is most likely correct, and @evanfuchs' hotkey-trigger suggestion will very likely work.

Other triggering options are:

  • Palette
  • Conflict Palette
  • Prompt with List

But typed-string-triggers are usually locked-out in this sort of situation.


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Hot Key trigger worked, thanks very much evanfuchs. Tim


Hi @CXXKY2Ut. If you encounter a situation where none of the Keyboard triggers are recognized, I suggest you try this: