Macro to launch a specific ChronoSync and/or SuperDuper script etc

I've got the Trigger working to detect mounting a USB thumb drive and external hard drive.

Also use the Activate a Specific Application Action.

But is there a way to call/invoke/launch/run not these applications, but their settings scripts of each of:

SuperDuperin ~/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Saved Settings
Chronosyncin ~/Library/Application Support/ChronoSync/Tasks



I believe that SuperDuper can be run by launching the Copy inside the Saved Setting.

Not sure about ChronoSync. I have a license but have always found it too complicated to use.

Thanks, @tjluoma - Yes, you're right. In the directory I mentioned there is a script which - if double clicked on - will launch SuperDuper and run.

I'm looking for a way for KM to do that.

You can just drag any script file you'd like KM to execute into a macro, and KM should automatically convert the script into a corresponding "Execute Script" action.



Thanks, Gabe. Yes - the Action adds the 'With ⇕Default Application' parameter.

Just what I wanted - and have learnt something else :slight_smile:

Much appreciated…

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Great tip Gabe. Did not know that!

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