Macro to open a few favourite folders

Thus far I've used Default Folder X to open a few of my favourite folders with keyboard shortcuts. I want to limit the number of apps that are running at all times, so in future I'd like to use Keyboard Maestro to open my favourite folders.

I could of cours assign macros to /Users/hans/Dropbox etc.:

But I guess there are more clever ways to open a few folder, without creating a separate macro for each and every folder?



Not really, no.

Generally, if you want a different action, you would use a different macro.

You could do something like this:

Trigger: A
Trigger: B
Trigger: C
If text condition %TriggerValue% contains A
    Do A
If text condition %TriggerValue% contains B
    Do B
If text condition %TriggerValue% contains C
    Do C

But how would that be any better than just one macro per action?

It’s perhaps not my place to disagree with peternlewis :slight_smile: but I would consider using a dropdown.

Create a clipboard called MyFavFolders and populate it as follows (or whatever makes sense to you!):

Users/Hans/Dropbox|Users/Hans/My Documents|Users/Hans/Music|Users/Hans/Photos|

Then set-up a macro as follows:

  1. Set Variable β€˜MyFavFolders’ to Text: %NamedClipboard%MyFavFolders%
  2. Prompt for User Input for the variable Folder with the default set to %Variable%MyFavFolders%

I suggest using the clipboard because it means that you can update the list whenever you like without risking it being overwritten.

If you tend to use one folder more than the others, you can make the last-used folder appear as the default choice by changing Step 2 so that you have the default set to:

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