Macro to open URL in clipboard does not work

this does not work. I checked of course that the system clipboard is a browser URL

thanks in advance for your time and help

For me the "Open URL" text is not orange. Orange indicates an error. Try this:
open url1.kmlibrary (2.0 KB)

thank you for your reply. Sorry but it still does not work.


Maybe the url is the problem. Try some others (like and see if they work.

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it works fine. thanks for posting

@JMichaelTX. Your help would be greatly appreciated !

Most likely the string that is on the Clipboard is NOT a proper URL.
Among other things, you probably should URL encode the string before using in the Open URL Action:


Just use the default options in the Gear menu of the Open URL Action.

If you still can't get it to work, then I'll need you to post the contents of the Clipboard when it fails.

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It's because I was using Hook URLs. I will encode also. thanks very much

In that case just use the Open URL with "Default App".

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yes, thank you

The URL has to be entirely valid - Keyboard Maestro uses the system NSURL API for this, and it is very picky about the URL being a valid URL.

Mostly you can get away with URLs being mis-encoded and browsers and what not will do their best to figure out what you mean, but NSURL (and hence Keyboard Maestro) is not forgiving in this.

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thank you Peter