Macro to quickly change (or toggle) font size in evernote


I frequently change the font size of my evernote notes between font size 18 (to read on the screen) to 13 (to print), and am trying to write a macro to do so.

I got as far as

  • highlight note content (Cmd-A)
  • Menu item Format → Show Fonts
  • I end up in the Fonts window as per image below on the right and am trying to find a way to change (or perhaps toggle) only the font size between 13 and 18 but can't find a way to do so.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Two options:

a) Zoom In
In the app, you can use View>Zoom In
Note: it goes back to Default zoom if you switch between notes, but might me helpful.
And that way you avoid changing format of your notes, and get the benefit of large text.

b) Increase text size
in the menu, there's Format>Style>Bigger

and Format>Style>Smaller

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two excellent solutions. thank you very much.
I found another solution in the forum by GGlick :
highlight → copy to clipboard → modify clipboard style (change font size) → paste
thanks again

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