Macro to remove the f%$&#$ " mailto: " from a pasted email?

When copying an email from a document / app that has the email categorized as a hyperlink I right click and choose "Copy Link".

If this needs to be pasted somewhere it always puts the mailto: prefix on.

Is it possible to have a macro:

  • paste the copied link
  • go back to the start of the pasted text (variable number of characters obviously depending on email length)
  • delete the mailto: portion
  • then go to the end of the email, enter a space and let you keep on typing....?

paste =

correction = and i kept on typing without finicky edits

I see this has been discussed on Apple support but no resolution that came up in search.



I think this does what you desire:

So copy your link to the clipboard, execute this macro (I use ⌘⌥V) and just the e-mail address will be pasted, followed by a space.

The macro: Remove mailto.kmmacros (2.2 KB)

You don’t need a macro. I believe you’re just clicking the wrong menu item.

Instead of Copy Link, just choose Copy. It will copy the highlighted email address as it does any other piece of selected text.

Thanks for your replies. I will try the first macro.

CJK → that looks like you have highlighted the text to get that contextual menu (?) I have just been right-clicking on the email itself which brings up this menu screenshot:


Nope, I just did a plain right-click, which then automatically selects the email address. It must be a limitation in the specific program you’re using, because otherwise, the feature I showed you is pretty standard systemwide.