Macro to rename notebooks in evernote

Hello, I am changing my classification system in Evernote and have the rename many notebooks. There is a shortcut to do so, but in windows (F2), not MAC.
basically, I would be starting in the notebook page (Alt-Cmd-2) which is easy to configure in KBM.
After that, on each notebook that I would rename, I would highlight (manually, not with KBM) the notebook, and then with the help of a macro right click → rename notebook → and I would enter the new name.
So basically, I would like the macro to
right click → rename notebook
thanks very much in advance

Are you sure there isn’t a normal menu item for this? It’s quite simple to do normal menu actions, not so simple to right-click.

Instead of right-clicking you can also click the gear icon:

It opens a sheet with the name field preselected:

Alternatively you can just click on the displayed name and then move the mouse away. (Just like renaming files in the Finder.)

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No, I could not find any.

Clicking the the name does nothing.
Double clicking on the name opens the notebook
The gear is a great idea. Would that entail struggling with the search for image action?

You said, you wanted to highlight the notebook tab manually, and then rename it. So, with the gear icon, all you have to do is clicking the gear icon, typing the new name and pressing Return.

Not much left to do for KM here :wink:

Of, course, if you don’t want to click with your finger, you can use a KM macro to perform a mouse click at the current mouse location…

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Thank you. You are right. I kind of lost track of the objective !!

Just like with a file name in the Finder, you have click on the NB name (to select it), pause a bit, then click again. Then the NB name will be editable.

As @Tom posted later, you can also first select the NB via arrow keys. Then you only need one click to edit the NB name.

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very interesting. I did not know about it, neither in Finder, nor in Ev. thanks !
and thank you for the video

Just curious - if it works like Finder, then can you click it once and then press Enter?

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click then enter opens the notebook.
Click - wait -click = rename

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1 click is sufficient. Your first click is not related to renaming, it just selects the notebook item, but you can also select it for example with the arrow keys. That is, exactly as in the Finder.

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No. As @ronald said, "ENTER" or "RETURN" will change to the Notes view, with that Notebook selected as a filter.

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Hey Folks,

You can rename notebooks with AppleScript.

# Rename a specific notebook.
tell application "Evernote"
   tell notebook 1
      set name to (get its name) & " goofy suffix"
   end tell
end tell
# Get the name of every notebook.
tell application "Evernote"
   set nbNameList to name of every notebook
end tell

--> {"Default Notebook", "AppleScript", "Keyboard Maestro"}
# Rename every notebook given the result of the previous script and a new-name-list.
set nbNameList to {"Default Notebook", "AppleScript", "Keyboard Maestro"}
set newNotbookNameList to {"Notebook 01", "Notebook 02", "Notebook 03"}

tell application "Evernote"
   repeat with i from 1 to length of nbNameList
      set name of notebook (item i of nbNameList) to item i of newNotbookNameList
   end repeat
end tell

If you’re renaming a lot of them then this is the way to go.


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very useful for batch processing. thanks very much

Hello Tom, at first I understood. Now coming back to this question, I am confused.
Where is the gear icon ?

thank you

Your screenshot apparently shows the attachment of a note.

Your question was about renaming notebooks. Click the Notebooks tab in the sidebar to show the notebooks.

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Sorry, I confused with renaming attached file. thanks !