Macro to resize columns in Mail

I'd like to have a macro that resizes columns in the Mail Inbox whenever I open Mail.

I have a large LG monitor connected to my MacBook Air. It seems that the Inbox window gets resized to fit the built-in display's dimensions when it sleeps and wakes. So when I wake it, the column widths are too narrow because the window itself is now wider. It's tedious to resize columns manually each time.

I don't know how to automate this, because I think it requires moving the mouse pointer to the space between column headers, which is visual.

Any ideas?

thanks -- hs

Hey Hal,

This sort of thing can be very difficult to impossible to get right...

Your options are basically:

  • Click (and drag) at found image.
  • AppleScript UI-Scripting
    • Find dimensions of given UI elements and use them to calculate click and drag positions.


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