Macro to shrink a palette

Hi @ all,

does anyone have a solution/macro to shrink a palette?

I don’t know if my english is clear enough:
I mean a macro that – when clicked – shrinks the palette
in which the macro has been placed before?
Something like to toggle a palette between shrinked and not shrinked.

Using AppleScript I already found a way to position the active palettes
of the frontmost application depending on the number and resolutions
of screens currently attached to the Mac.
But I couldn’t find a way to manipulate the size of a palette …


Not exactly what you are asking for, but I usually do this when I need a sub-palette for only one action:

After clicking a macro the sub-palette will disappear and only the entry in the mother palette remains. Sort of “shrinking” :wink:

__Palette “Shrinking” [example] Macros.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

Thanks Tom, I know this way but as you said it is not what I’m looking for … anyway: have a nice day!