Macro to Toggle Airfoil Satellite Mute - Strange Behavior

When Airfoil Satellite is running, it appears as a system menubar item (i.e., an icon in the main menubar, grouped with others like Sound, Bluetooth, etc., on the right hand side).

I wrote a macro to select the "Mute" item in this menu, which is a toggle (checked = muted, and vice versa).

The odd thing is that when triggered, the macro runs, but its effect is only applied after I manually click the menubar icon for Airfoil Satellite.

In other words, music is playing via Airfoil Satellite, I trigger the macro, music continues to play, I single click the Airfoil Satellite menubar icon, music stops and "Muted" is checked. (Same sequence to unmute.)

Any ideas on how to fix this? Here's what the macro looks like:

Well, I solved my own problem.

Not super elegant; I just mimicked the behavior I described above (effect applied after I click the icon).

So in case anyone else has the same issue, here's my solution (and in the second action, I also selected the "Restore Mouse Location" option from the context menu):

Hey Jeff,

This is because menu bar applets are not proper applications, and there's no way for Keyboard Maestro to know the applet is available and has a menu.

Keyboard Maestro's select menu action is expecting a proper application with a normal user interface.

I'm very surprised the select menu action works at all under any circumstances.

I'll have to experiment and see if it will work with other applets...


If it helps with your experiments, I did need to turn on the System Settings > Accessibility > Display > Reduce Transparency option in order for KM to consistently find the menu bar applet's icon.

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