Macro to watch YouTube videos without distracting suggestions sidebar and comments below

When you are watching a youtube video, the macro below allows you to get rid of the huge area of distracting screen real-estate taken up by suggestions (right sidebar) and comments below the video using the known technique of replacing youtube with yout-ube (- after the t, NOT you-tube)

It works fine.

I don't find the ending using keypresses very elegant. Would you have any suggestions? The macro works. I am asking because I want to improve my KM programming skills.

I could also confirm at the beginning that the user is watching youtube

thank you

Youtube w:out Suggestions 19 Aug 2022 at 3-17.kmmacros (27.3 KB)

(Slightly off-topic: There are highly customisable browser add-ons for an improved YouTube experience like Enhancer for YouTube. You can also block unwanted parts by using a content blocker.)

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you are 100% right. I had tried a few and did not like them. I will have a look at Enhancer. Thank you very much for your post.

Where there's a "getter" (the %FrontBrowserURL% token), look for a "setter" too (the "Set Front Browser URL" action):

I can recommend this.

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I installed it and will test it. thanks very much.

works perfectly and much more elegant. thanks very much

a simpler solution : zoom in, so the sidebar is gone.


It's an idea worth thinking about. Thank you.