Macro Unintentionally Firing Multiple Times on Single Keyboard Shortcut Tap?

Has anyone ever seen a macro firing multiple times on a single (keyboard trigger event).

Any thoughts about how that could arise ?

(I'm getting a report from someone using Monterey and KM 10 – I'm using the latter, but still on Big Sur – for better or for worse I prefer to lag behind a year or two)

(FWIW here is the macro and the subroutine that its uses. Not easy for others to test because it depends on the installation of a special font. But perhaps someone will spot something that I'm overlooking ?)

Copy as CHORD Macros.kmmacros (32.1 KB)

Have you tried opening the debugger for new macros? And perhaps press the checkbox "pause new macros". If you step through it, you might see why it's triggering twice.

Well, I'm not seeing any multiple triggering myself – it seems to be working quite simply on my system.

It's a good thought though, I'll recommend it and see if anything is learned.

Apparently it's been solved, and wasn't a Keyboard Maestro issue.

(I understand that it was tracked down to an interaction with Better Touch Tool)

Many thanks for giving it thought !

If the macro runs long enough, you could stick a Semaphore at the start so if it gets run a second time right away, you could just abort the second macro. Depending on the macro, you could even put a "pause" at the end of it (after it's done its work) so it's still active when the second instance first off.

I hope that's clear.

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