Macro: “微信” (WeChat)

Keyboard Maestro 8.2.1 “微信” Macro

微信.kmmacros (3.8 KB)

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Note the warning triangle on this action:

It is telling you that this is not a good way to “open” and application. The reason in particular is that some systems get confused and think some other random application is the “owner” of the .app extension files.

So at the very least, you should configure it to open with the Finder. But generally what you want is the Activate a Specific Application action instead. Especially since that is your next action anyway.

Use “select or show a menu item” is better than a click on fixed mouse position.
使用 “select or show a menu item”比点击固定的鼠标位置要更好。

You may consider GUI Scripting to manipulate WeChat,which should be more powerful.
你可以考虑用更强大的GUI Script去控制微信。

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