Macro with Apple Mail Broke after Mojave Update -- How to Fix?

I had a wonderful macro working to run all mail rules by pressing F13. Didn't matter what application I was in. Get up in the morning, press F13, and my mail was sorted, tagged (MailTags), color coded, filed away.

Then MailTags broke due to Mojave. I waited for the beta. Now the beta is out. Macro doesn't work. Okay, rebuilt it. Nope. Nada.

Decided it had to be SmallCubed's issue. Unchecked all rules that had anything to do with tagging or running MailActOn type of rules.


Ran a simple rule directly from Mail. Worked.

Deactivated ALL rules except the simple rule. Trie KBM again. Nope.

Checked system preferences to be sure that KBM has full access. Yep.

Help? What have I forgotten or what am I doing wrong?

Here's the rule:

ETA: yes, I know. Rules run themselves inside mail. I have a few things that use MailActOn other sorting that don't always fire until I explicitly tell Mail to run inbox rules.
And the intention is to have this rule run automatically, say at 6am while I'm still sleeping. That's next. But just need to figure out why KBM fails to fire up Mail and run inbox rules to begin with.

You will have to ensure you enable Accessibility for both Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine. If you have any troubles with accessibility (eg typing keystrokes), try toggling the accessibility permissions for Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine off and then on again.

Verify it by ensuring that an Insert Text by Typing action works (such as a simple text expansion macro).

Worked perfectly this time. I'm actually glad it broke because I found a better way to build the macro. It even selects the proper inbox and folder. All this time, I'd been recording my movements when I could've selected Type Keystroke. Doh!

Thanks, guys! Without your help and without having a challenge thrown my way, I wouldn't have learned something new.