Macro with Applescripts that parses the clipboard

Hey All,

I have created a few scripts that basically get very specific data from copied text on the clipboard. My end goal is to create a macro that will enter the parsed date into a text field, tab to the next field, enter the selected data, tab…etc, etc…

For some reason I keep getting an error when I run the macro. I know the scripts work independently because I have tested all of them outside KM. However, I AM using the free version of KM. Is there some limitation to clipboard access in the free version?

Here is the Error I get: fulton /Users/fulton/Desktop/lastName.scpt: execution error: Can’t get text item 2 of “fulton”. (-1728)

Fulton is the first word of the copied text, as you can see it won’t retrieve anything on the clipboard after.

Thanks in advance!

In order for us to help you please post:

  1. Your macro (image and file)
    (see How to Share Both Image and Macro to Forum Directly from Keyboard Maestro Editor)
  2. Real sample data of what is put on the clipboard

There is no free version of Keyboard Maestro, and no version of Keyboard Maestro has limitations. If you use the trial version, which is free to try, then it is fully functional for about a month and then it will require your purchase to continue using it. But it has no limitation other than that.

As @JMichaelTX said, post more information so we can help you resolve the issue.