Macro with Hotkey Trigger to Mark Podcast Episode as Played?

I listen to news podcasts during the day. Often these shows repeat themselves if it is slow news day or I don't get to all of them in a timely manner so the news if out-dated. Is there a way I can assign a keyboard shortcut to quickly mark these podcasts as read?

And, yes, I am that lazy :wink:

How are you listening to these podcasts? In a browser? On an app?

On my Mac in the Apple Podcast app.

Thanks for asking. Sorry I didn't clarify.

I'll still need a bit more clarity. A description of the real-life scenario (with screenshots) would be helpful. If you can describe the sequence of actions you'd perform if you were doing it manually, we can convert them into KM actions.

I have a saved station (which is what is called a smart playlist in iTunes/Music) for all my news podcasts.

I scroll through them each day, choosing which to listen to. As you can imagine, during the Jan 6 hearing, they were all reporting on it so I didn't need to listen to each one -- Apple News, NYT The Daily, NPR Fresh Air, Vox Today Explained, etc. I would choose to listen to one, or two, then right-click on the others and scroll the mouse down to "Mark as Played" so that the podcast would be removed from my library.

I wish Apple had made this a keyboard shortcut but they didn't (that I can find).

Is this what you want to click? Screenshots would be really helpful as I don't use the Podcasts app myself.

Yes, that is exactly what I want to do with an assigned keystroke.

The ... button doesn't change position relative to the top-right corner, so we can just capture the coordinates and click, hit M to select Mark all as played, hit ↵, then wait for the confirmation dialogue and confirm by pressing the button. You may have to recapture the click using the Get button, depending on your screen resolution.

Mark All as Played.kmmacros (21 KB)

Macro screenshot

Thanks. This works since I keep my Podcast app in a static location on a second screen :slight_smile:

It doesn't matter if you move the Podcasts app window, as the click is relative to the window's corner, not the absolute screen position. :+1:t3:

You are brilliant!

Thank you!

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