Macro worked in El Capitan but not High Seirra

Since updating to High Seirra this macro no longer works. It is intended to save a Photoshop file (PNG) in a new folder created during the save process.

Using the system shortcut to create a new folder, while in a save dialog, no longer opens the folder to accept new files. Clicking the "New Folder" button at the bottom of the dialog window, works properly but is not as efficient to use in the macro.

I am SURE there is a better way to do this and am open to suggestions. No doubt, as script is what I need, but I'm not a scripter, that's why I bought KM.

whilKeyboard Maestro 8.2 “FP 3.1_Save PNG” Macro

FP 3.1_Save PNG.kmmacros (72 KB)

This seems to be working this morning. I need to do more testing. Sorry for the knee jerk post.

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