Macro Works But Throws An Error

I've used this macro for years to move stuff out of my Downloads folder and onto my desktop. Recently, it has continued working but gives me a notification of an error (screenshot below). What am I doing wrong?

Move Files - Downloads → Desktop.kmmacros (2.0 KB)

Have you tried dragging your Downloads folder into the trigger to update the source file path?

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Well I don’t want to move the Downloads folder—I want to move whatever file got added to it.

Check for another macro! The dialog says it's a macro called "Trying" that is throwing the error, which is not the name of the posted macro.

My guess is that you've two macros triggered by "add to Downloads" -- the one above is completing first, so "Trying" has no file to move.


The same macro works on my system without throwing any errors. I'd guess a conflict with another macro too. Check your log for clues. Help → Open Logs Folder.

@Nige_S @Wseries Thanks, y'all. I do not have another macro by that name, but I had manually pressed the "Try" button on some of the macro steps. I bet that was still running and conflicted with the macro! Everything is working now.

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Hey Jack,

Don't do that when you're seriously testing a macro!

I can't tell you how many times the try button has turned out to be the root of the problem when someone was having strange issues...

I always use a hotkey trigger when testing, and @DanThomas has a macro to run the current macro somewhere on the forum...


MACRO: Run Current Macro


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Illuminating as always, @ccstone — thank you!

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