Macros deleted by sync option

I am syncing two Macs using the iCloud drive.

It happens a few times that I created a new macro on my main Mac Pro. If then later I started my MacBook it (obviously) syncs and my new macro(s) were deleted. How can I avoid that???

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According to this:

First, all except the first Mac will have their macros entirely replaced, so if you have different macros on each Mac you should export any unique macros for later import after you have set up syncing.

Thanks and yes, this is pretty clear to me. As I started the first synchronization I decided to replace all macros on my MacBook, so this was OK. But now, that it’s done and I’m adding a new macro on my Mac Pro it shouldn’t be deleted just because I connect my MacBook to the network. At least in my opinion (and of course experience) syncing must update the latest changes - no matter on what machine they have been created. Otherwise syncing is unusable for me.

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I think it would be best to wait for @peternlewis to weigh in on this, because I only know what I read. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your sync issue.

If you are unable to resolve syncing using iCloud, you might try using DropBox. I have been using DropBox to sync KM (and many other apps) for several years now, and have never had a problem. DropBox also offers a file version feature that is very easy to use.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have a dropbox account too. But I don’t think that iCloud, dropbox or any other service causes or can solve the problem. These servers are just hosting the files KM provides. They aren’t able to touch their content so the problem must be another. Anyway, thanks again.

I don't know. It could be a timing issue, how fast, how often the service makes the sync. I think from KM's perspective, all it is doing is updating file(s) in a certain folder, which happens to be sync'd by some service. But, it could be more complicated than that. As @DanThomas suggested, @peternlewis can provide a more authoritative answer.

Assuming syncing is on, when you make a change in Keyboard Maestro, the macros are saved as per normal, and then also saved to the sync file.

When the sync file changes, then that sync file is copied back over the local macro and if the editor is running, it reloads the macros.

So my guess would be you make a change on one Mac, and then for whatever reason the file is not synced to your other Mac before you make a change on the second Mac (which includes launching or quitting the Keyboard Maestro editor).

So yes, I would expect the issue is iCloud Drive not syncing the file in a timely manner - I suggest using DropBox instead.

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