Macros doesn't work after upgrading to 8.2.4 when running macOS Mojave

Hi, I have a troublesome issue that needs help from experts.

I have two macros stopped working after upgrading to 8.2.4 under MacOS Mojave. The macros are used to switch screens. Please see the attached image.

When I press the default key ^Left Arrow or ^Right Arrow, the system works as expected. When I press Opt R or Opt W, nothing happens.

Any suggests are welcome. Thank you.

I just upgraded to 8.2.4 after not using the app for about six months. NONE of my macros work now, even the very simple "Insert text by typing" and "... by pasting" ones. I went through the Assistance process in the Help menu, and everything seems to be working fine. The macro apparently is triggered -- it just doesn't insert/paste the text. Very mystified. (Note: about a week ago, I installed Clipy. It's not running when I do this, but since it's clipboard related I'm wondering if it did something odd that's affecting KM...)

Suggestions to get KM functioning again would be greatly appreciated!

SOLVED!!! While running Assistance in the Help menu said Accessibility settings were fine, I got suspicious and did a web search, which revealed this article:

As instructed there, I reset Accessibility in the System Preferences's Security & Privacy area, and everything now works fine. Hope that works for everyone else.

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Simulated keystrokes that are intended to trigger hot keys in the system or other applications do not work in Mojave unless they are letters (optionally with modifiers). Simulated arrow keys or function keys do not trigger hot keys due to bugs in Mojave.

This may be fixed in a future version of Mojave, or I may find a workaround in the future. In the mean time you may be able to adjust your hot keys to to use letters instead of arrows or function keys, and then they can be simulated from Keyboard Maestro.

Unfortunately, the system says that Keyboard Maestro has accessibility permissions, but due to a bug in the Mojave upgrade system, Keyboard Maestro does not actually have accessibility permissions after the upgrade, even though the checkboxes are checked, and even though the system tells Keyboard Maestro that it does.

You need to toggle the accessibility permissions (System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Privacy, Accessibility) for Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine off and then on again (or, I believe, make any change to the accessibility settings will do the trick, but certainly toggling the ones for Keyboard Maestro resolves the issue).


Peter, many thanks. (And thank you for a terrific product!)

@peternlewis Thank you so much.

Also many thanks to @BrianBEgan

Peter, thank you very much for your answer. Not only did it solve my Maestro issues after upgrading to Mojave, but ALSO ALL the issues I had with other apps. since upgrading

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