Macros fire but don't work suddenly in macOS Mojave

I have a few simple macros for Safari and Chrome that suddenly won't work. I tried the help and it checks out fine and do fire when I press the hotkey. Its very simple stuff just a few key presses and some waiting. It used to work in safari but does not any more.. I then tried Chrome with no luck. I made it work in all apps to be sure and I can see it work in the debugger. The keys its supposed to trigger works fine when I just press them on the keyboard. I bought the new update (9.01) to be sure that it was not that. Im on Mojave

In order for us to help you, you need to upload your macro, both the macro file and image, as well as a detailed statement (screenshot) of exactly what does not work.

Thanks, can I upload it here or will it create a new topic?

Ok just checked, Actually nothing really works. I just made a simple "hotkey pressed - type this" and it does not do anything in any app. I think I will try to reinstall

Before that, try to restart KM Engine.

Just tried that. No luck. I can see the macro triggering in the debugger and also tried to step by step it. The new macro I made is super simple. Just keypress a letter when I use the hotkey. Wont work in any app or browser but shows up in the debugger and if I try the help menu everthing checks out fine

Ok. Uninstall via APPcleaner and a reinstall did not work..

Deleting the entries and letting the system re-create them in accessibility permissions did the trick! Everything is back in order now.

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