Macros: Focusrite Control

So here are a bunch of Macros for Focusrite Control. I use them to turn my Stream Deck into a Monitor Controller. It makes it really fast to switch between monitors or other output sources. You just have to make sure Focusrite Control is open, but you can have the window hidden in the dock and all of these will work.

You may need to modify some of these macros depending on what interface you have, but all you would be doing is changing the name of the output in the apple script part of the macro to match the name of whatever output you want it to control.

For example, if the script says

tell group "Monitor Outputs 1-2"

but you want it to control Loopback 1-2, just change every instance of "Monitor Outputs 1-2" to "Loopback 1-2".

I have also included the Icons I made for Stream Deck. If you use them, just put that folder in your documents folder.

Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 6.22.27 PM

Keyboard Maestro Stream Deck Plugin (1.1 MB)

Focusrite Control Macros.kmmacros (217.8 KB)