Macros for generating "pull-quotes" from articles (e.g., for posting on social media)


I like to post articles on various social media sites. Sometimes I stick a pull quote from the article into my link post. Sometimes I start the pull quote some ways into a sentence, so the first letter of the sentence is lowercase. This first macro changes, from lowercase to uppercase, the first letter in a string of as many as 4 paragraphs of linefeed separated text, and then brackets that newly uppercased first letter.

Capitalize word at start of string.kmmacros (21.1 KB)


For example: "Trump's spokesmen declined to respond." --> "spokesmen declined to respond." --> "[S]pokesmen declined to respond."

Here's more: The second macro in this post incorporates the above-described macro in a more fully-functional system for quoting from texts.

When I quote text, sometimes the pull quote contains quotations. When that happens, I am a stickler for changing the internal double quotes to single quotes. I am also a stickler for omitting a close quote at the end of a paragraph within the pull quote that is not the final paragraph. This is in fact the proper way to quote multi-para strings.

But it all takes too much damn time.

To automate this, I have created a macro which surrounds the pull quote with quotes, strips out extra carriage returns, and returns a nice, organized, multi-para (if there are multiple paras in the pull quote) quote, with bracketed, uppercased first letter if warranted (incorporating the macro posted above - you will need to set that manually and you'll want to strip out the clipboard display action at the end since it is redundant as incorporated), and internal double quotes properly converted to single quotes.

QUOTE MULTI-PARA TEXT.kmmacros (46.5 KB)


Here are some sample GIFs of the macro in action (in the GIFs I am triggering the macro using PopClip, but you can of course set up a hotkey instead):