Macros Run Slowly

All my Macros seem to run slow, with a pause of around 1 second (sometimes more) between each step.

I know I was debugging one Macro in particular and so used a Set Action Delay, but I deleted that step and yet everything (including all the other Macros) is slow (although, I can't remember if my other Macros were was slow before I added Set Action Delay)

Any ideas? Thanks!

Keyboard Maestro: Version 9.0.4
Mac OSX: 10.14.6

You mention debugging, is debugging enabled?

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No, it's not:


Try quitting KM/KM engine, and/or restarting your Mac.


Thanks! I tried both but it didn’t do anything.

JIC, I suggest you create a new macro with only this Action, and run it:


BTW, it is highly recommended that you do NOT use Set Action Delay for debugging. It is much better to just invoke the Debugger and step through your actions manually.


Thanks for your help. I have tried that action, but still the same issue. I am stumped!

Obviously, I want to fix the problem. But, for the time being, as a temporary work around, is there anyway I can speed up playback. Like a reverse of set action delay?

Tried Safe Boot? (Press and hold Shift key when restarting.)

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I assume you mean safe mode for Mac. I tried this but still the same problem.

I tried reverting my Macros back to the start of last month: no dice.

I tried reinstalling Keyboard Maestro, but uninstalling it via AppCleaner: SUCCESS!

It seems to work now. Except, I can't really try it out, because all the editor views look like poetry:

What is this view? How do I get it to look like normal (like the view in JMichaelTX post above where everything is in neat boxes)? This is surprisingly unsettling! I am not even sure what to search for on Google to find a solution and in the Keyboard Maestro menu bar, there doesn't seem to be anything related to the display of Macros.

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Good to know a clean reinstall fixed your issue. The "poetry" view is just how any macro looks when the editor isn't in edit mode. All you have to do is click the "Edit" button on the bottom toolbar, or the "Start Editing Macros" command under the View menu, to get the "boxes" view.

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Thanks, I actually figured it out just as you were posting. I guess I've been using edit mode as default for so long that I never realised there were other modes! I'll have a proper test of my macros now, but so far, it looks good.


For the record I had the same problem and a restart of KM/KM engine solved the problem for me. Thanks

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