Macros running in parallel?

I used to be able to trigger other macros when one or more were still running, but this seems to have stopped working for some reason (macOS Sonoma 14.3.1). For example, I have a macro that starts a multitude of apps first thing on a morning, with pauses between them. I used to be able to trigger other macros whilst this was running, but now they simply queue until the prior running macro finishes.

Is there a hidden setting to allow this?

I'm running KM 11.0.2.

That describes the exact behaviour of macros that use the KM Semaphore action (see the KM wiki: action:Semaphore Lock [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Are you sure your macros don't use semaphores?

If they don't then perhaps you can post your macro here so we can take a look?