Macros Stop working

I had some success in getting KM to function over the weekend but then this morning several Group macros stopped working. I am attaching images of the macros. Baffling as nothing has changed since yesterday but the date. They were working extremely well then nothing.

I noticed the MAIL icon in the GOUPS list has another small icon now that other groups don't have and suspect there is something there I need to do.

You help is appreciated. Thanks.

I should add that the system sends out an error beep when the key is pressed, but nothing happens. The key Apple commands for the actions are functioning (IOW, if I manually press CM_SHIFT-N new mail will be downloaded from the server. I;ve tried other key triggers but they don’t work either.

One more thing. Macros in other programs (aside from MAIL) seem to be working OK.

The MAIL Macro Group has the badge to tell you that it is configured to be only active in certain conditions. Click on it and check how it it configured, and adjust as necessary.

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Thanks. I set it to ALWAY ACTIVATED and they worked again. That’s kind of confusing but I do understand the rationale.