Macros to send text messages or synthesized voicemail via Google Voice?

I have a situation where it would be useful to be able to send voice or text messages to myself. I presume that doing it via Google Voice would be the starting point, but I'm at a loss for how to begin.

Has anyone already created such a thing? I haven't found anything in a brief search of the Forum.

I'm really not asking for anyone to create something for me, unless you're inspired and it's for your own fun, I'm just looking for ideas on approaches, outlines of where I might start.


Are you trying to send these to your phone number, is that what you mean "to myself?"


I once wrote a macro that sent a text message to my Apple Watch when the location of an AirTag changed.

I've read a lot of your posts and I have always considered you a top-tier KM user. It would be a privilege for me to help any top-tier KM user with this.

Here's a simple example of a macro that sends a message to your iPhone or Apple Watch telling you the name of any app that opens on your Mac: (I removed my personal name from this screenshot, and replaced it with Jane Doe.) This macro might help you to know what's happening on your Mac when you are away from home.

There are millions of things you could do with this idea. One of my ideas that I posted in another thread was texting the name of a license plate to your iPhone when someone drives up into your driveway. That's not as hard as you might think.

Here's a slightly more useful macro that sends you a text message whenever a new WIFI wireless network appears near your Mac. (Actually it sends you a pop-up notification. If you want it to send a text message instead, read my comment below the macro.) It also records the date that the network first appeared. If you run the macro manually, it tells you all the WIFI names that it's ever seen, plus the date that they first appeared. When it runs periodically, it simply records the date that any new WIFI networks were seen.

Is there a new SSID Nearby? Macro (v11.0.1)

Is there a new SSID Nearby?.kmmacros (8.6 KB)

If you want it to send you a text message instead of a pop-up on your Mac, replace the "Display Text New SSID" action with this one: (and insert your own iPhone's Contact Name in the following box.)

Thanks. I consider myself more like "Mrs.Peel", a "talented amateur".

Thanks. Already a built-in KBM Action? I should have guessed. I searched the Forum for "SMS" but didn't search the Wiki.

So far, in a few minutes of testing, I can't get it to send the message to a phone number, only to a contact name that's already in Messages. At first it didn't work because, I presume, my name was in there too many times, but after cleaning that up, it works.