Macros to Zoom In/Out in Excel/Word

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Microsoft's handling of zoom in Excel/Word—set by whatever zoom level the creator of the document was using and stored in the document, with no way to set a default zoom level for any documents opened on your Mac—is utter trash.

Combine that with no keyboard shortcuts to quickly zoom in and out, and it's pretty clear where Microsoft stands when it comes to usability on the Mac. Anyway, they recently changed the AppleScript used to zoom in/out in Excel—my previous macros were nearly identical to the Word ones—so I figured I'd post these in case anyone finds them useful.

Zoomies Macros.kmmacros (7.6 KB)

Macro Images






While appreciating the macros, don't forget you can set your own keyboard shortcuts in Excel

...and Word

Another way to solve that question is to use the «Click at found image» action, see my two litte macros her.
Everything the macros do is to click either the tiny grey + or - in the on the bottom right corner each time i type CMD+ or CMD-
(I put the tho macros in a macro folder for Excel and Word.)

Excel UND Word Macros.kmmacros (18.7 KB)